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How much is bad web design costing you? 

Why invest in a website? You can’t afford not to.

We create clear, compelling websites for small businesses to help them generate leads and establish themselves as the authority in their market.

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Stop losing sleep over marketing your business.

Let us lose sleep so you can focus on growing your business.

We help small businesses owners remove the fog and frustration around marketing by delivering a proven marketing system that generates leads and lets you be #1 in your market.


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology that allows machines to learn. AI seems foreign and scary to some, but you use AI every time you search on Google, order a product from Amazon, or post on Facebook. However, there’s more to AI than social media and search; this powerful tool can propel a business forward, whether it’s the manufacturing floor, the marketing department’s cubicles, or the office boardroom.



The Internet of Things (IoT) is a means to connect devices and appliances to the internet. This is the technology that enables your refrigerator to order more milk and what links the exercise machines at the gym to your smartphone.




Augmented Reality (AR) uses software to add artificial elements to real-world images in real time.

You see AR when watching football games on TV, as announcers show the first down line and circle players to discuss the play. The world heard about AR when Pokèmon Go sparked a phenomenon of people walking around, using their mobile devices to catch artificial Pokèmon characters.



Virtual Reality (VR) is using software to manipulate one’s senses. We enter the VR world by using headsets, headphones, and other devices, which simulate a fictitious reality. While seen by some as a superb instrument for video gaming, VR has many business applications.




Blockchain is changing the internet. It’s a digital ledger that allows information to be distributed but not copied. In simple terms, a block is a record of new transactions. Think of it as a shared database that’s constantly getting reconciled and updated — but you can’t change the information already posted. It’s hosted by millions of computers at once and doesn’t belong to one person or entity, making the system more secure. Blockchain is often compared to Google docs, a row of safes, or DNA.


Making a quality website is more than just presentation and design.

Make sure your website is your #1 tool for connecting with customers. We take an idea and turn it into an engaging, user friendly, modern and consistent representation of your company.

WDX Technologies knows that even the smallest details such as site navigation, text, and graphics are of the utmost importance to creating a quality first impression for your website visitors.


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Our Client Work Includes

Latest Projects in our Portfolio

Power Lift Access Hire

Pampered Paws-N-Claws

Power Wash Cleaning

Clear To Close Settlement


Terra Rustica Design

What Our Clients Say

Jarret StankoOwner of Holl-A Deck, LLC.

My website turned out really awesome! You guys did a fantastic job. This is a professional and highly recommended web development company!

Moddlinc, INC

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned!

Melisa GrahamBed & Breakfast Owner

The website your team created for our Bed and Breakfast was wonderful promoting not just our facilities but all the recreational assets of our location! Just so you know, it resulted in us going from opening our doors to being fully booked in just 90 days. Awesome!

The WDX Technologies Promise

Get a dominating presence

Get clear, compelling messages and share them through a premier marketing presence.

Work with a Results-Driven Team

We obsess over ROI, and track everything so you can invest in the things that predictably grow your business.

Win your market

Partner with our team to deliver the premier plan and presence you need to be #1 in your market.

Every single person at WDX Technologies is focused on one thing.

Helping our clients win their market. We’re looking for hungry, motivated clients looking to be the leader in their industry.

-Jeremiah Wolfe

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