The Relationship

Jim Horton has been in business for over 20 years, and has created a locally well-known brand. Like many other business owners, he never felt the need to establish a presence online. He had no way of knowing about the global pandemic that would forever change the way people do business. When we met Jim, he was extremely nervous about the upcoming season, with COVID-19 keeping consumers at home. With tons of inventory to move and the season only a month away, he was quickly running out of options.

The Solution

Time was not on our side, so our team had to move quickly. We created a website that would allow Horton’s Greenhouse customers to shop online in a contactless way, and offered a seamless curbside pickup option. They could get all their annuals, perennials, vegetables, seeds, and other items without browsing the physical store at all!

“The first call I had with WDX Technologies was different from any of the other design companies that I had contacted. It was informative. It was personable. It was very productive. I was confident that they could design the website I had envisioned.”

Jim HortonHorton's Greenhouse

The Solution

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Jim was able to have a wildly successful season! Though the marketplace was ruled by fear, he sold more products this year than ever before! A perfect example of how one small strategic change can turn a crisis into an opportunity.

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