The Relationship: When Dr. Hudson from Hudson Family Dental came to us, he felt like there was a healthy amount of incoming traffic to his website. His concern, however, was getting only about one new patient per month from all his digital marketing efforts. We spent some time getting to know Dr. Huson’s business and learning about his existing customers. We analyzed the full customer journey and identified all the potential drop-off spots.

The Solution: Our team went to work crafting a new website. Right from the start, we knew that a crucial element was missing: potential patients weren’t being led down the path to purchase. In this instance specifically, they weren’t being directed to the appointment form. As part of a major design overhaul, we fully reorganized the page layout, wrote new content, implemented new forms and calls to action. It was time for all those website visitors to start converting into customers more efficiently.

The Results: Hudson Family Dental went from averaging 1 new patient per month to 15 new patients per month from their website alone. According to Toni, their office manager, at one point in June, they got 10 new patients in a single day! But we did more than improve their conversion rate. After our overhaul, the number of organic visitors to the website was doubled in a single month!


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