The Relationship: TJ came to us feeling overwhelmed, having gone through multiple digital marketing companies already. They’d tried phone book advertisements, Facebook ads, Google ranking, but nothing seemed to work. After spending some time with TJ, we found that he was feeling like most small business owners do. He didn’t know how his money was being spent, all he knew was that there were very little results. As always, we took our time getting to know TJ and his customers, as well as learning what type of work he was really looking for.

The Solution: After investigating all the places TJ was spending money on to advertise his business, we quickly learned that his money was essentially being lit on fire. There was no focus, the website was a mess, the messaging was all wrong… It was the textbook definition of Random Acts of Marketing. In the end, our solution was quite simple. One, build a website that works. Two, make sure it represents the business well. Three, make sure the customers are led down the path to purchase. After checking those boxes, we aimed to get him ranking on Google through SEO and drive traffic to his new website.

The Results: From averaging close to zero leads per month, TJ Construction went to a monthly average of 10-15. More importantly, they are closing over 50% of those, because the quality leads generated represent serious buyers. The icing on the cake is, TJ has been able to cut his advertising budget in half! That’s what pinpoint precision marketing gets you – better results for half the investment.

Right now WDX Technologies is my only advertising that I do. We went from no leads, to 30 days later getting as many as 10 leads a day sometimes.

TJTJ Construction

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