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Web Design for Businesses in Somerset, PA.

If you need to get online, and just don’t have the time, WDX Technologies is your answer. Our professional, accelerated, and affordable web design process gets you connected with new customers.

We provide web design services to craft professional, conversion-focused websites. With a lean web design process and handcrafted excellence, we can produce a website worth thousands in a fraction of the time.

And there’s no catch. We can confidently say that we deliver the best quality at the best price.

Sound too good to be true? Call us, and we’ll happily break down our breakthrough system for small businesses in Somerset, PA.

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Why Does Small Business Marketing Matter?

Your next client is looking for help online. But will they find you?

Google gets over 100 billion searches a month.

The first position on Google search results on mobile has a 31.35% clickthrough rate.

78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.

63% of small businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their biggest problem.


Affordable Web Design and Small Business Marketing


Communicate Your Brand with Clarity, Story & Website

WDX Technologies brings your story to life by building your brand from scratch or clarifying your message to improve conversions. Then, bring it all together with a premium design in a website geared to inform, engage & convert.


Developing a Strategy for Growth

Your marketing strategy builds from your brand and website. We help you make a plan to grow traffic, find leads and achieve clear goals.


Build Awareness & Generate Leads

With a clear message and a strategic plan, we grow your business with proven marketing methods in social media and advertising. We build awareness, generate leads, and keep you connected to your audience.

Small Business Marketing in Somerset, PA

Clarity in Communication

Expert help in explaining your brand, refining your tagline, and communicating your distinction.

Conversion-Focused Website

The basis of all online marketing, a professionally designed, custom website built to convert.

Lead-Generating Strategy

Help from a strategic support team to define your niche, position you as an expert and generate leads.


Proven methods to gain you more leads, increase site traffic, and boost your ranking.

Backlinks / Directories

Consistent link building by both sharing content and listing your company across all business directories.

Paid Ads

Ads to find cases and generate awareness on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

As one of the staples of digital marketing, email isn’t going anywhere. We’ll help you build, cultivate, and engage your email list.

Social Media

Regularly engage with both new and old clients, creating awareness and bringing value to your customer base.

Reputation Management

Reputation crafting designed to send the same message across all of your public profiles, sites, and listings.

Web Design Tips & Resources for Small Businesses

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