Web Hosting and Website Management

Your Business’s Success Depends Upon the Performance of Your Website’s Hosting

Just having a website isn’t enough. The performance of your business depends upon the performance of your website’s hosting. If your site is repeatedly down or loads slowly, it won’t draw clients, no matter how attractive the web design.

We treat every site we host like it’s the only site we host, with:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and top-tier speeds.
  • Guaranteed 99%+ up-time
  • Critical security patches
  • Online support ticketing system.

For an extra fee, you gain access to a whole host of extra features, including enterprise-grade caching, incredible load speeds, weekly backups, real-time threat detection, free recovery service for hacks and viruses, and more.

Just having an attractive website isn’t enough. If your website is repeatedly down or loads slowly, it won’t draw clients–regardless of how nice it is.


Our Web Hosting Services Include

Unlimited Bandwidth & Top-Tier Speed

Web users have become incredibly sensitive to site load times. Recent studies show that 40% of visitors abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Our lightning-fast hosting will ensure that your visitors don’t get impatient.

Real-Time Continuous Monitoring

Our continuous monitoring systems notify us the second that a website goes down, so we can immediately remedy the issue. We guarantee 99% uptime, so you won’t miss sales opportunities due to your site being down.

Updates & Security Patches

For an extra fee we provide real-time detection of security threats and recovery service for hacks, viruses, and more.

Regular Website Backups

As part of our premium class hosting plan, we perform weekly backups of your entire site, giving you peace of mind. If data loss occurs, we can quickly restore your site.

Want a website that runs at blazing fast speeds? Try WDX Technologies first class website hosting.

While there are innumerable online companies that offer cheap web hosting, quality and reliability matters when it comes to keeping your customers happy. We are a real, local Pittsburgh company, and are one of the highest rated website hosting providers on Yelp in the Greensburg  area. Give us a call or use our web form, and find out what we can do to improve the performance of your business’s site.