We’re on a mission to help 1,000 small businesses be #1 in their market.

WDX Technologies helps small businesses, home service companies, and contractors win the best jobs, stand out from the competition and become the obvious choice in their market.

About WDX Technologies

We’re committed to premier, results-driven website design, digital marketing, and Emerging Technologies.

Because our clients like to win.

Located in Greensburg, PA., WDX Technologies is a premium technology and development company with a passion for the cool and useful tools shaping our future. WDX Technologies’s team combines a love for all the latest tech with well-developed strategies to provide its customers with high-quality products that can change the way you do business.

The System We Work On

WDX Technologies is a full service digital and technology services agency that has mastered the skills of research, analysis, marketing, design, corporate branding, development, programming, and maintenance. Each skill has been refined across many business verticals so you’re in capable and determined hands.

We use cutting edge technologies and have a unique passion to innovate. The WDX Technologies team offers Web Design, Web App Development, Marketing, and other online solutions guaranteeing affordability and quality in a results driven manner.

We take communication seriously between our staff, clients, industry, and your target audience. Our second-to-none communication allows us to best attain our goals and the goals of our clients.

“With commitment and passion as our launch pad, we have quickly skyrocketed as Greater Pittsburgh’s “GO TO” Design Agency. From product innovation to client satisfaction – it’s a road we have traveled many times! With WDX Technologies you can rest assured of 3 things – quality, creativity and zeal!”

Our Philosophy of Motivation

WDX Technologies’s main duty as an experienced web design and development agency is to create and enhance our customer’s web design and web application needs with an engaging, interactive, and creatively innovative experience. In addition, we provide our customers with an authentic and strong website presence, which leads to an increase in online brand awareness and brand personality. WDX Technologies’s motto is “Ugliness Does Not Sell”, and we strongly are accountable for proving that point.

We provide our customers with an authentic and strong web presence, which leads to an increase in online brand awareness, revenue, and company productivity.

We don’t just work with
new projects

Our expertise doesn’t just stop at web design and development. We specialize in back-end and custom software applications for the enterprise customer. We can begin at any stage in the project; we invite you to contact us if you find yourself with a need for our services at any time.

Our Promise to You

At WDX Technologies, our first priority is to provide our clients with Internet solutions that are individualized to meet their unique needs. By undergoing research and analysis, we can develop a strategy and create web technologies, all within the set budget. Our educated and experienced team will apply their knowledge and provide insight, so that they can help clients to determine the best way to achieve their desired outcome.

Let us improve your web presence

The range of services at WDX Technologies is vast, from basic web services such as web design and web applications, to customized applications and software solutions. These services integrate and work together to truly maximize the potential of your business and provide your company with the best possible outcome. When you take a creative team who are talented in their fields and passionate in the industry, and hand them cutting edge technology that is constantly updated and evolving, you are bound to see exceptional results. Allow us to ease your business life and reach your company goals by improving your online marketing efforts, all at a very affordable price.

“What sets WDX Technologies apart is not only what we offer, it is Our PEOPLE, Our PASSION & Our EXECUTION…”

Jeremiah Wolfe

Jeremiah Wolfe

Founder / Lead Developer

Jeremiah Rose

Jeremiah Rose

NLP Contracting Agency

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